Copenhagen Fashion Week Summer 2017

As many of you might have seen on Instagram, my cruise around the Baltic Sea took me to Copenhagen and fortunately to the time of Fashion Week. Because of the limited time I had ( only 7 hours), I only attended one of the shows. In this case the show of the Swedish menswear label  uniforms for the dedicated.

Rasmus Wingårdh´s collection was presented in an old locomotive workshop with huge windows illuminating the runway with daylight. I really love it when designers use daylight, because colours appear a lot more natural and crisp. Furthermore, I’m always struggling to take photos with artificial light as the spotlights dazzle.

The designs were very clean and plain – typical Scandinavian which was also visible in the colour palette, marine blue and white dominated the collection, a few pieces stood out in gaudy apricot, for example shorts, shirts and pants. The designer combined white accessories with his lookd, such as white Converse shoes, white hats and cool sunnies.
I especially liked this jacket because the arms were offset in terms of colour.

Although, I was only able to watch one of the shows, it gave me an insight into how Fashion Week works in Denmark. In contrast to Amsterdam, the Fashion Week feeling was noticable in the whole city with giant posters and banners. Not least the the dressed up bloggers and other fashion people posing for the streetstyle photographers were an indicator that it was Fashion Week.

I was so sad to leave this beautiful city because I could have stayed hours around the area of Nyhavn with its Cafés and colourful houses.

Copenhagen – I’ll return as soon as possible.

















Autor: benjisbilderbuch

Hey peeps, my name is Benji I´m 18 years old and I´m from Germany. I´m studying Fashion Management in Cologne and I´m obssessed with fashion and photography.

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