Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam

Last weekend I made my way to Amsterdam for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, because I wanted to know how our Dutch neighbours stage their shows and how their style and designs differ from the ones that can be seen in Berlin or Düsseldorf.

First of all,  Amsterdam Fashion Week is not comparable to Berlin at all. Of course, it is a lot smaller, but that doesn´t mean that it has no eligibility. 

The event is sponsored by Mercedes Benz. This shows that the well known car manufacturer sees a lot of potential in this event compared to Berlin who lost it´s biggest sponsor this year.

Apart from that, I saw a lot more Fashion enthusiasts dressed in an alternative way. I have not seen any typical fashion bloggers with trendy handbags and designer heels – vintage pieces mostly dominated the seat benches combined with edgy streetstyle labels, such as Off White, Fila or Supreme and Doc Martens boots. The overall impression was that the outfits went into a grungy-athleisure direction.

Under all the invited guests the queen of the athleisure style catched my eye: Sandra Lambeck – the German influencer and I came to talk quickly and it was funny to speak to someone in my native language in between English and Dutch. I´m always impressed to see people I follow on Instagram in real life. She looked as great as on social media which is notself-evident in times of face tune and snapseed (btw. how can you have such brilliant, clear skin, tell me your secret!)

Eventually, it was time for the first Show, which was the Merel van Glabbeek show. The young fashion designer showcased her dramatic collection „Flame“ in an old factory building. Merel primarily used the colours black and red on her pieces. Furthermore, her floral patterns, tassels and the beadwork gave off a mexican vibe.

The second show I was able to watch was the RE by RECONSTRUCT Show. RECONSTRUCT is a collective of six female designers who graduated last year. They presented a collection with screaming colours and extraordinary cuts showing plenty of naked skin. The looks that were presented are hardly wearable, unless you’re wearing them during Fashion Week or another Fashion Event. By all means, with these outfits you are going to steal the show from anyone.

All in all, I come to the conclusion that Amsterdam is a great event for young fashion enthusiasts to get inspired and to establish contacts. I think it will get a lot more recognition internationally with a sponsor like Mercedes Benz.

However, I was a bit disappointed that the event doesn’t really seem to accepted by local, famous stars from the fashion industry. The Netherlands have so many popular designers and models which could boost the whole event.


Autor: benjisbilderbuch

Hey peeps, my name is Benji I´m 18 years old and I´m from Germany. I´m studying Fashion Management in Cologne and I´m obssessed with fashion and photography.

Ein Gedanke zu „Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam“

  1. Das sieht nach einer sehr schönen Zeit aus!
    Freut mich für dich, dass du dabei warst!
    Solche Fashion Shows haben immer einen ganz besonderen Flair und sind spannend zu gleich! 🙂
    Bis Übermorgen!
    Sarah ❤

    Gefällt 1 Person

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