A day trip to Paris

Dies ist die Kurzfassung des Beitrags.


„Paris is always a good idea“ – Audrey Hepburn

Following Audrey Hepburn´s famous quote, my friends and I made it to Paris for a day trip to explore the city of lights and love and of course fashion. We decided to take a long-distance coach. I can totally recommend this provider:  continentbus

The bus picked us up at around 11 pm and the next morning we arrived at 10:30 in the middle of Paris next to Opéra Garnier which is located just a stone´s throw away from Galeries Lafayette. On top of this shopping centre you have one of the best views over the city and you can see most of the tourist attractions, such as Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower. You don´t have to pay anything to enter the rooftop, so if you are near by, you should definitely check out this place.

We all have already been to Paris, so we put most of the tourist attractions aside. Still my friends couldn´t resist climbing up the Eiffel Tower…I wish I could have passed the ascendency, but I didn´t wanna wait downstairs and I wasn´t able to go on my own, because my sense of orientation  is pretty faulty and I would have never found the way back, although I´m almost fluent in French.

After overcoming my latent fear of heights and over 600 steps, I wasn´t really impressed by the view, maybe because I have already been to the top of the Eiffel Tower while I was on an exchange program. This is already two years ago and it was during that time when I first started using Instagram. To that time I knew that I was going to return as quickly as possible.

Thereupon, it was time for breakfast after our early morning exercise, we decided to go to Montmatre, a neighbourhood which is well known for it´s artists. The cafes there are very lovely and picturesque, however the prices are tough – well, that´s also Paris.

We went to the iconic Cafe de Flore which became famous, because it was visited by several prominent people, for instance Picasso, actrice Juliette Gréco and especially Jean Paul Sartre and his companion Simone de Beauvoire. While Sartre affected the existentialist movement, his partner became well-known as a feminist who wrote amongst others „La deuxieme sexe“, one of the most momentous feminist works. Nowadays you might have the chance to see Parisian designers or even VS Angels, such as Elsa Hosk, though I doubt that they take a croissant and a café au lait…

Unfortunately, we had to push along, because they didn´t have „un table pour cinque(?)“, the waiter just laughed at me, as if I was asking for something totally infeasible.

Anyway, I still got my instagrammable food pictures at a small restaurant. I felt super comfortable between all those super fashionable Parisian women with their Dior So Real sunnies and their Chanel flapbags Of course I had to adapt to them and ordered the smallest salad on the menue with full conviction,  draping my own Dior sunnies on the table to get the perfect shot.

It was the third time for me in France and I´m always impressed by the French´s „savoir de vivre“-lifestyle. The Parisians all looked so effortless and stylish, eventhough we had around 30 degrees – it is just enviable.

Because time was running we split and met each other at the top of Sacre Coer. Again I refused to climb up the stairs, but luckily the métro ticket is also valid for the lift. The view is just great, but to avoid rush and stress you should by all means arrrive as early as possible.

It was time to find a restaurant for dinner and I persisted in going to L´avenue where Bella Hadid just had lunch the day before. Many other stars were already spotted there, for example the Kardashians, Kate Moss, Selena Gomez and many more. However, I was  completely disillusioned disillusioned, because it didn´t meet my expectations at all! I was waited by such a moody waitress who constantly asked me and my friends if we have finished, though it was quiet obvious that we haven´t. Apart from that ,she stepped on my feet several times – without apologizing. The Food and the whole Restaurant might look #instagrammable, but the Quality was totally chastening. I cannot understand that stars really visit this Restaurant for the the overpriced Food (500ml water cost me 8€, pasta for 24€).

All in all, I can recommend a day trip to one of Europe´s metropolises to get a quick overview. If you liked it, you can still return to stay a little longer to explore everything. The named provider also offers trips to Amsterdam, Vienna, Milan and London.







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Hey peeps, my name is Benji I´m 18 years old and I´m from Germany. I´m studying Fashion Management in Cologne and I´m obssessed with fashion and photography.

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